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Set in the middle of 50 stremmata of olive groves, close to the Ancient Theatre of Epidavros, Spyros Oikonomou has his Donkey Farm. The unit has at present 30 donkeys, is placed in the middle of the greek countryside and the donkeys are free to roam and graze on the wild vegetation of the area.

The donkeys are milked three times a day, the milk is passed through rigorous quality control before it is strained and bottled in 200ml in accordance with regulations. Samples are also sent away for analysis and the milk is frozen at -18 degrees C, where it is kept until sale. The total production of milk at the present time is approximately 20 kgs (20.8 litres) per day.

Donkeys' Milk or Asses' Milk has therapeutic properties, is low in fat and high in protein and vitamins, requires no pateurisation and is the closest milk to human breast milk.

History reminds us of the amazing properties of asses' milk for the skin when it tells us of how Cleopatra bathed in it and travelled with 500 head of donkeys wherever she went to ensure her supply was always on hand.

Up until the last few years the primary use of donkeys' milk has been the cosmetics industry, but more recently there has been a marked increase in the use of donkeys' milk as a substitute for other types of milk. Taking into consideration its high nutritional value and lack of bacteria donkey's milk is becoming very popular all over Europe once again.

A Few Words About Spyros Oikonomou

From a young age Spyros Oikonomou worked hard in the agricultural industry, in his olive press business, farming and construction businesses. His original ideas are what brought him to the decision to start the Donkey Milk Production business just over a year ago when he realised that asses milk was widely recognised abroad but only just touching the surface in Greece. Spyros' vision is to export Greek Donkey milk worldwide and to open up the market in Greece.

Recently the Agricultural University of Athens expressed an interest in Mr Oikonomou's production unit and took samples for a research project looking into the properties of Donkeys' milk on the human body.

Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding our product, production or uses please do contact us to ask.